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Watch MicroBrand World

When most people think of a wristwatch, they think of large and well-known brands. A microbrand is by definition, a small independent watch brand.

A veritable alternative to big watch names are microbrands. These independent brands offer modern trends and in many cases, the entire process is often managed by a single person or a small team. From the design to the sourcing of manufacturing to the marketing, sales, quality control, fulfilment, shipping, customer service, and after-sales service, a small team of watch enthusiasts are operating the engine.

Microbrands manufacture and ships their watches directly to buyers without relying on distributors, wholesalers, and retails stores, connecting the founder directly with the final customer.

The growth of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter has made it possible for small teams to get their watch design or brand funded. Most microbrands offer very good quality watches for a very attractive price, this is a fantastic opportunity for the watch market to grow and embrace new ideas for watch enthusiasts.

Microbrands are changing how people buy luxury watches. As far as most watch owners and enthusiasts are concerned, the rise of microbrands has changed and improved the premium watches landscape.

The largely underserved watch enthusiast community will finally buy high-quality, limited edition Swiss Made timepieces at prices they can afford.

Watches inspired by watch enthusiasts, design based purely on their own philosophy of how a watch should look like.


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